a new level of concern

so, i have a confession to make…

…since probably june of 2017 i haven’t sat through a whole trump interview. truthfully, i’m not sure if i ever have, but i know i’ve tried to take this more in “shot form” rather than “full glass form” since it’s inception. but i’d heard some things about this latest axios interview that i couldn’t believe…

…and it got worse when i watched it.

in the simplest of terms, and the most basic of definitions, if you watch this and still feel compelled to vote for this man not only can you and i not be friends, i don’t know if we both deserve to live. like seriously – one of us might have to die. i don’t think the planet can sustain those of us who see this with the “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” look on our face and those who say, “well, i’d still vote for him over biden”.

seriously. i would vote for anybody over this idiot.

“unhinged” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but in this case it doesn’t fit because that, in reality, it’s complimenting the situation. it’s spinning it up. to use that term would seriously be downplaying what you witness in that forty-some-odd minutes.

the fact that the man in that video holds the highest office in our land scares and infuriates me all at the same time. it’s clear he hasn’t been on speaking terms with reality for quite some time.

1990’a cinema said it best, honestly…

and to see the shit show in full form:

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