i think i’ve got a piece of the puzzle here

he got close…judge got really fucking close…

…he nailed the first two letters.

but if you only get the first two numbers in the lotto, you don’t win jack squattery from the lottery!

in the comedy turned documentary idiocracy mike judge teaches us that in the future if you speak to intelligently you might be labeled as “talking all faggy” or “sounding like a fag”.

he got close – he nailed the first two letters. it’s just there’s no “g” in “fake news”.

and that, kids, is what i’ve realized.

i previously thought that maybe the commander in cheddar didn’t know what the word “fake” meant…but his followers do it too. and last night it struck me as i watched the infamous axios interview (which if you can watch that and still think voting for him is a good idea you and i can NOT be friends) it struck me that they don’t just label anything that’s not super pro trump “fake news”, i think they do it to anything they can’t understand, be it because it’s a concept they’re not bright enough to grasp or it uses words that they don’t have in their double digit vocabulary.

just say “corona bad, mask good, no more sicky” and they’d get it.

but nooooo, we have to use all that faggoty language like we went to college or high school or some shit.

and that, kids, would fix the divide in the country. write news copy for nine year olds. fuck, the idiot at 1600 black lives matter parkway eats like one, stop trying to speak to him like he’s not one, and all will be well!

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