sigh dare sunday

i’ve never been much of a “beer guy”…

…but i’m pretty much a sucker for all beverages apple flavored.

so when the ufc and i got together some eight years ago and i found out she had dietary issues with beer, i went almost purely cider when it came to the carbonated booze. strongbow, all forty-six flavors of angry orchard, and lately lots of austin east cider since you gotta support the local hooch folk…

…except that tito guy. he still owes me a shirt he promised me at ACL 2003. asshole.

the flavors of most cider tend to stay apple related. you’ll have crisp, then occasionally a sour apple, and maybe a cinnamon apple around the holidays or fall. all typically good and actually distinguishable. there’s also the rosé which literally smells (and tastes) like you’re drinking perfume.

needless to say that one we don’t recommend.

i’ve had the austin east blood orange cider on tap and it tastes very orange. but the canned version? to me tastes like apple cider with barely a splash of orange. the same can be said for the pineapple and watermelon varieties. i don’t know why they even bother…the watermelon literally tastes like the regular, but i guess if you stare really hard at the can you taste a watermelon after taste since you’re all focused on it and shit?

still good for the summer, the cider is. but i’ll just stick with regular or green…the other flavors, as i said, are just a light overtone – might as well stick with what i know and like, right?

(but i did still trek to bastrop the other day for three six packs of non cider stuff…)

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