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so, more and more people are clinging to the mask thing now that CoVid numbers continue to rise…

…but what people don’t seem to realize is the number of cases going up is directly proportional to the number of tests being done. yes, texas (for example) has had record numbers of new cases lately. unprecedented numbers. but they have also had record numbers of tests being done. unprecedented numbers.

see how that shit works?

sadly, even trump sees it…which is why he stated that he wishes we would “slow down” with the testing so the numbers would stop rising. of course, his people immediately walked it back saying it was a “tongue in cheek” remark and he didn’t mean it seriously, but that’s their standard. oh – you were offended? he sounded like the buffoon he is? that was just a joke…he was joking! what? you thought he was serious? would could possibly mean that seriously?

your boss is how, dipshit. and people are starting to recognize it.

i am developing a CoVid related respirator condition. now, it’s not part of the corona family. or even part of the dos equis family. it’s “CoVid related” because it’s directly linked to me now having to breathe in my own recycled air for hours at a stretch at work. i used to get a little relief when i WASN’T at the shop, but that’s all been going away lately as more and more places now require masks. gold’s gym does, but only in the “common areas”. where you’re working out you don’t have to wear it. not that it’s a separate room or anything, it’s just four feet to the left. four feet to the left, no mask. two feet to the right, no mask. but right in the walkway. wear a mask. you know…for safety.

that’s like saying you can only pee in the roped off area of the pool. the last time anything with the word “mask” annoyed me this much it had the dope man from pulp fiction in it. but, i digress…

i made it through the whole corona lock down proper without spending twenty-four hours at home. i plan on spending one twenty-four hour period at home, on july 15, which is budnik’s tenth birthday and he wanted a new nylabone and his dad at home for twenty-four non-interrupted hours. it’s his tenth – i gotta comply with that.

but this mask thing might be making it more common. congrats, CoVid – your bullshit might finally be locking me down for real.

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