avoiding the 2020 trap

this 2020 bullshit almost overtook me today…

…”almost” being the word to focus on in the statement, though.

i was running out to our 183 shop to train a “new” guy. i put it in quotes because he worked for atomic before i got there (2009), left, and is now back. that shit happens. but on my way there i almost got hit by a mini van that just drifted into my lane sans turn signal. i did my usual – hit my horn, through a hand up in the internationally recognized, “what the fuck?!?” sign, and kept going…until the same van, again, drifted in front of me, but this time we were in the middle lane. so i again tapped my horn, got around him on the left, and again through my hand (quick note – this is whole hand, not single finger) but through two layers of dark window tint (his and mine) it apparently looked like one finger because next thing i know i’m basically being chased by a mini van, and i was only a couple blocks from work. so i did the smart thing…

…i pulled into the spot two spaces from the door of the shop. he pulled into the space right in front of the door. so now this whole thing is in full few of three tattoo artists and two security cameras.


i get out of my car (not as a sign of aggression – i have to go in the shop). he rolls down the window to his honda mini van…

why’d you give me the finger?

better question – why’d you almost hit my car TWICE?!?

he jumps out of the mini van comes around and gets “in my face” (in quotes because he was still two to three feet away, but by social distancing standards…)

give me the finger now!

shit, i didn’t give you the finger then! i just did this *i repeat the hand gesture*

you’re a pussy *he storms off

man, fuck you – learn to fuckin’ drive!

he storms back around, but keeps that three foot buffer


as i already told you, i never gave you the finger…this is when you need to drive away

maaaaaaan, fuck you, pussy!

whatever man…

he points at the atomic tattoo sticker on the back of my car, points at the shop sign

i know where you’re at!

again, whatever, man…lots of folks know where i’m at

and he drives off.

i had a loaded .40 in my bag, and a loaded nine even closer in the car. neither came out. he never cocked his elbows back or really took an aggressive stance. he tried to let his volume carry him through. but he was a dark skinned black guy with waist length dreads, with his shorts hanging off his ass, tags still on his jordans and hat, and was trying to be loud and aggressive to an older white guy he thought gave him the finger who was, unbeknownst to him, pretty heavily armed.

this is how stupid people get shot.

and given his color, my color, his behavior (chasing me into my place of business, being confrontational), and the fact he was at least twenty years my junior, if this had NOT been somebody who could keep his cool and de-escalate the situation this could have easily ended up a news story.

but it didn’t. and i’m proud of that.

but be careful who you’re shitty to. this is texas. we carry here.

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