a hectic as fuck weekend (not this one, the flashback one)

i used to drive a LOT more than i do now…

(but now i’ve got a better ride)

05/28/2002: “torn”

see, here’s my problem. well, one of them; since you readers who know me personally can probably come up with quite a list (don’t feel inclined to share, okay?) when it comes to weekends, i’ve always been somewhat torn. on the EXTREMELY rare occasion i actually HAVE a full weekend; i.e. 48 hours with no work, no shows, no games no NOTHING that i’m getting paid for, i always felt the time needs to be divided. half TOTAL relaxation, half productive.

part of the problem is my personal definition of “productive”. to my sometimes feeble little mind, it means just doing “something”; anything with a positive outcome. paint the bathroom = productive. get the laundry done = productive. mow the yard = productive. most of you are saying to yourself (though hopefully not out loud, lest people around you think you’re odd), “well, DUH” (newsflash…most of the people around already think you’re odd since you have a page you religiously read that contains the word “whore” in the url…but for that, i thank you) see, i also consider it productive if i go out and get a tattoo finished, as i did on saturday (okay, so to MY satisfaction, it’s only 97% complete…but twenty more minutes manana and we’re all good). so, since i did that saturday (in addition to going to a rr express game with jim, kathi, and the family and going to a roller derby girl party (i’m NOT making that up..they offered me an audition as the league’s announcer) with kramer) so, i considered saturday the “productive” day; and sunday i just sat around, watched the depeche mode live dvd, and went into austin for some weekend wrap-up boozing with josh. keep in mind i crashed so hard on saturday night that i didn’t get up till after the ass-crack of noon, so the day just FLEW by…

then came monday. for once, i had THREE days with NO work….so, time to be productive again, right? paint. clean. launder. that was the plan. well, i didn’t do a lot of that. or, to be more accurate, i didn’t do hardly any of that. or to be dead-on balls accurate (name the movie THAT term is from) i didn’t do ANY of that. i DID have a good work-out, set the tattoo appointment for tomorrow, saw spiderman (excellent..and now i want to try kissing a girl while i’m upside down), and ate ribs (leaving enough leftovers so tomorrow’s lunch is covered) but as far as “productive” is concerned, in the textbook definition, i didn’t accomplish much.

that’s a shame, since next weekend i have NO time. saturday i drive up to dallas, hang out with some friends, and then go see the pet shop boys, after which i get to drive BACK from dallas and crash. but not for TOO long, since i then have to drive to SA in the morning to work a sunken gardens show in the afternoon. then on monday, i get to work a full eight hour day, go out to the backyard (STILL my favorite austin venue, i’ll grant you..and apparently where i’ll be working a LOT, including the fourth of july) and work the nickleback/jerry cantrell show until late that night. tuesday, i get to work an eight hour day again, then after 5:00 move tons of stuff out of our old office and into storage so the space can be sub-let. then wednesday, hop in the car and drive to fort hood to install a ticket system on the largest army base in the free world (thanks, josh). thursday, you can view my body in state at mccurdy’s funeral home.

actually, that was a bit tacky, since what i REALLY get to do is go work, then sit down and start writing (presuming i try and plan ahead for this one) for the eulogy i have to give at my grandmother’s memorial service which will FINALLY happen that saturday (there was no rush since she donated her body to science and they were booked solid since we are kinda in the middle of “wedding season” here) and the whole family is expecting me to be witty, funny, and (motherfucking) charming from the same pulpit where i stood and delivered my own mother’s eulogy six years ago even though i haven’t stood in that spot (or for that matter, in ANY church) since.

anyone wanna spot a brother some REALLY good weed? about a weeks worth? feel free to mail me with the details…

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technically ft hood is the largest base in the free world. what show is at sunken gardens?

josh said @ 05/28/2002 03:24 AM GMT

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