it went thatta way

so, here’s the way i figured the first shop weekend would go post pandemic government forced closing…

…or i should say, one of two ways:

the first – with public fear still out there about the pandemic, and a lot of motherfuckers NOT working, and some of the ones that are not making as much or still economically recovering from forced time off like us, money wouldn’t be flowing and since, as much as some may disagree, neither piercings nor tattoos fall into that “food…clothing…shelter” hierarchy of needs we would be dead as balls.


the second – we would be making up for two months of lost time and be insanely slammed.

yeah, it went thatta way

so we had the kinda weekend we usually have in march or april when tax season is kicking but we did it in late may. i don’t know how long this wave will last but i’d be bullshitting if i didn’t say i’m loving it the way it is. hopefully we keep going at this pace a while…and motherfuck another shut down!

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