the eyes have it! (CoVid Chronicles Vol 1)

here’s one thing i was wondering about as i wandered wal-mart earlier sans mask and gloves…

…sue me, i live dangerously. i also avoid everybody until i check out, and barrier between my hands actually touching anything, than apply hand sanitizer once i leave. moving on…

…i wonder if this face covering thing is making women feel they really need to step up their eye makeup game. of course in some cultures this had been known FOREVER:

like, does anybody even wear lipstick any more? do you do foundation on the bottom half of our face? i can’t help but wonder if we’re going to be doing many (or any) lip or nose piercings at the shop for a while since all has to be under wraps. but i have noticed some smokier eyes lurking around the grocery store and shit…makes me wonder if women are feeling compelled to step their shit up? or maybe since it’s all of their face we can see it’s what we now notice?

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  • Kramer May 16, 2020 @ 13:28

    Yeah I quit wearing foundation but still wear lipstick

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