funk-less ink (a throwback)

before we get to the throwback bit, i’d like to offer an explanation for some of the titles you see on some of the older shit…

this site was originally put together on a software called “grey matter”. it had several disadvantages over the current software (WordPress). for one, you couldn’t schedule bits. and for two, it came with only one time zone for bits, which was NOT central time, but rather UTC, which we are five hours apart. so if a bit wasn’t in by, say, seven o’clock at night, it wouldn’t count for that day. and i used to HATE going too many days between bits…to the point where i’d log in on somebody else’s computers, or later on my phone via cellular data, just to put a “place holder bit” in play, which was usually the title, and then a sentence or two ending with an ellipsis (which is the proper name for “…”, if you weren’t aware) and then when i got home i could log on, bring up the place holder, and edit into a proper bit – and just in case somebody had stumbled across it in those precious moments between when i wrote it and when this happened (i had a larger readership back then, i think) i would add something to the title like “extended mix” or “now with bonus tracks!” or something else to imply that there was more shit than there had been if you’d seen the two sentence version.

this however, was not one of those bit, and was just called:

05/14/2002: “damn”

wow….today i did something i never thought i would do. when i was at the gym, i ruptured something. i didn’t realize it when it happened, and couldn’t tell you an exact time when it occurred; but now, several hours after i walked out of gold’s gym (still having to concentrate on the name; i JOINED world gym, and have worked out there for the last two years; but they all got bought out by gold’s a couple of weeks ago) i can feel it. that indistinguishable difference….

the funk bubble that i’ve been trapped inside got a fucking hole kicked in it, and i walked out…at some point during my two hour chest/back/shoulders/cardio excursion. DAMN, it feels good.

(note to self: throwing your whole system into a chemical tail-spin via diet pills, sleeping like ass, AND listening to the cure a lot does NOT burst the funk bubble)

i knew the funk bubble had really wrapped me up tight when i couldn’t even put on the happy face for the person i LOVE to make smile; even over the phone it was blatantly apparent. and that was when i felt it REALLY needed to go. and go it did. the proof is laying on my coffee table.

understand, that in the three or four months (has it been THAT long?) that i’ve been writing this astrowhore stuff, there’s only been maybe a half a dozen pieces i’ve written where i actually read them the next day and think, “damn, that shit’s funny”.

and with my art work, it’s even rarer.

there are only actually three times in recent memory. and one and a half are inked on me – the tribal sun i did for my sister, but she had it HEAVILY modified before it was done on her, so i got the original on me. the other was a little, somewhat dainty tribal cross i drew as a mom memorial, but it was WAY too small for where i wanted it (around my bellybutton), so i blew it up on a copy machine, which further emphasized it’s daintiness, so i added a bit to it, and got it done.

once it healed, i STILL thought it looked a bit incomplete, so i rushed out a second part of it, had it done, and once all was healed looked at it and thought, “shit…that looks rushed as hell” never could do anything to it i liked, so i never got the third and final part drawn up. i started yesterday, planning on it being a two week project; one that would start on motherless day and wrap up just in time to get it done on may 24th, which would have been my grandmother’s ninety-fifth birthday.

but after the burst of the funk bubble earlier, and the perfect low-fat, low-carb dinner (a 16 ounce fat-free chocolate milk and an excalibur iii), i settled down at my coffee table and BAM, did it in two hours. and it looks REALLY good. i don’t know if i can wait two weeks; but i’m gonna try.

so the tribal sun would be one, the original cross (and the unfortunately rushed addition) i count as a half, and the other half is finished with the complete one that resides on my coffee table. as for the third, it is permanently inked on the lower back of someone VERY special to me; who chose NOT to have her custom design (a blend of wiccan and pagan symbols combined with my tribal/celtic stuff) re-tooled as my sister did, but instead had it done exactly as it was drawn…which made the fact she would put something i drew on the base of her spine for the rest of her life (and just north of a rather nice ass, i might add) all the more special.

just for that, i think she’ll probably be the only one to see the final cross drawing (kathi popped by earlier slightly drunk, and saw it about 99% complete) before it hits harold’s hands so the stencil can be drawn…even if she will only get to see it via fax for now. but that’s how she saw hers for the first time, and freaked…so this one might just blow her away.

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