i wonder how life will be when i’m seventy-two?

i realized something the other day that kinda spooked me…

…and at this point keep in mind this is being written on march 26th around 12:30pm.

so here’s a bit of astrological (or numerological) weirdness for you:

twenty-four years after i was born my mom died in february. seven weeks after her death i lost my radio job i’d gotten out of college, effectively ending my radio career (although i did one more show after that my work there was short lived, partially because…) and i also sunk into a depression from hell it took thirteen years to shake.

twenty-four years (almost to the day) after mom died, dad died. seven weeks after his death we all became home bound due to a global viral pandemic (it should be noted i have yet to spend a solid day at home). did that end my job? not YET, but it did decrease my income by about 35% and time will tell what kind of lasting effect it will have.

twenty-four years from now i’ll be seventy-two…wonder what will go down then?

(as of this writing all will re-open in austin tomorrow, april 13th, and things will be normal – let’s see how that goes!)

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  • sean M Apr 13, 2020 @ 9:16

    yeah, so the “re-opening” didn’t happen. i temporarily panicked this morning because i saw gov abbott had extended the state-wide emergency declaration, but a deeper dive (and surprisingly you did have to dig for this information) pointed out that the “emergency” and the “stay at home” declarations were two completely different things, so hopefully a little normalcy comes back may 1st. i’m not sure if the state’s economy (or my personal one) can deal with it if it goes much beyond that…

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