bacon bit (a flashback)

yes, i know the whole week’s been old shit…

…but when you read this perfectly aged eighteen year old bit for today you’ll see why i was all stoked i could finally used that title!

04/10/2002: “add bacon for only $.39!!!”

okay, so the gauntlet has been thrown down. i have been challenged, via email, several times today to show my six degrees of bacon from me to him. fine…here goes. in only FOUR steps, instead of six (like y’all didn’t already know i was a bad ass or something)

so, first off, i’ve only been in ONE major motion picture my whole life (so far…but we all know that’ll probably change at some point….and home movies don’t count, right?) it was when i was in high school…remember that career ender of anthony michael hall’s called “johnny be good”? well, in the scene where he walks out of the airport (it was supposed to be in cali or arizona or something, but was filmed in SA) and the walk way to a mercedes convertable is lined by drill team girls (the strutters from my alma mater, swt) and a marching band is around him…but the swt band was out of town, so they used the lockhart high school marching band. if you have freeze-frame, you can make me out. fuck y’all, it’s closer than most of you have gotten…so here goes….

i was in johnny be good with anthony michael hall…(degree one)
anthony michael hall was in the breakfast club with emilio estevez…(degree two)
emilio estevez was in young guns with keefer sutherland (which killed BOTH their careers)…degree three
keefer sutherland was in flat liners with KEVIN BACON…(degree four)

so there we go, in two less steps than expected. so stop the damn emails….

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