mcgathering four – who wants some more?

i knew i was kinda setting myself up last year…

…i remember the conversation with the ufc:

“so, i did a family koozie last year. if i DON’T do one this year, nobody will probably say anything and we move on…and if somebody DOES say something, i’ll simply say, ‘shit, you want me to shell out that dough every year?’ and then it will really be dropped!

but…if i do one this year too, then they’ll expect one EVERY year!”

and so it began. it actually began on a family excursion to port aransas to celebrate my aunt’s 70th back in 2017, and my cousins saw the koozie i designed for work:

and it was on. so, that year i designed one for us based on PBR:

the next year i really busted my ass on a shiner one nobody ever saw, and as it was taking longer than i wanted, i said fuck it and through this one together at the last minute, sorta. it WAS my original idea that i’d ditched in favor of the shiner one, and then i revisited it and liked the end result a lot:

(i’ll probably resurrect the shiner one at a later date, tho)

so after that last minute panic bullshit i told myself to learn from my mistakes. i came up with the next beer plan, did the bulk of the logo shit LAST DECEMBER, and left the rest since it would be easy and simple. sure as you’re born, it took almost NO time to execute and complete, and came out looking like this:

and three things should jump out here:

1. the date of “2017” on top is wrong, because the mcgathering started in 2016, but the first koozie was 2017
2. the pixelation on the shield looking part i just couldn’t get to go away after multiple re-do’s
3. this is a graphic rather than a pic

the last part because i changed my mind due to the pixelation factor so we did this instead:

but again, this one MIGHT get recycled (obviously with the “2019” changed as well as the aforementioned issues) since it’s basically turn key, once i get that damn pixelation issue resolved! next year is already semi-planned due to it being 2020 and a mexican beer kinda lending itself to that (i try to alternate between import and domestics) so we’ll see how it goes.

stay tuned to next year for the pics, and for now we’re on to repeat week!

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