down the crapper – right where we all knew he’d go

i hate giving this guy another bit, but…

with all the border bullshit, and the impeachment drag along, he’s concerned about our shitters.

here’s the deal, folks. i quit. seriously. i will never bring him up on here again, regardless of what happens with the impeachment bullshit (mcconnell will get in spineless lockstep like usual and get the senate to kill the whole thing anyway) and quite honestly i’m just tired of it. won’t it be nice when his ugly mug ISN’T on the got-damn news every day? literally EVERY FUCKING DAY?

and here’s another point – i stopped blaming him for all this long ago. long, long, looooooong ago. i blame the morons that voted him in. here’s why – if i gave my pistol to a monkey, and the monkey shot somebody, you wouldn’t place the bulk of the blame on the monkey, would you?

no, you’d blame the asshole that gave the monkey a loaded gun. well, there were about three million folks that gave this orangutan a fucking gun, and he shot up the whole country. we know where the blame should go.

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