two meat tuesday (yeah, kramer, i stole your shit)

in my defense, he stole it from green mesquite…

…but we don’t say “stole”. we prefer “was inspired by”.

moving on…

…with turkey being on the menu for thursday i’m going smaller and trying my hands at wings for the first time today. the ufc bought a thing called a “foodi” that’s a combination air fryer and pressure cooker. so far we’ve made several things in it, my specialty being ribs.

partially because i got spoiled.

ya see, texas is all about bar-b-quing. and our grocery store specials reflect it. so when she bought this thing, and i looked at the quick and easy cheat sheet (shorter recipes, lots of color pictures) i saw the easy ribs. from start to finish, a whole rack of ribs, in forty-five minutes. and as i mentioned, that week i was wandering the meat department of our grocery store and caught ribs on sale. i fed the whole family, in less than an hour, honey bar-b-q ribs for under ten bucks.


i did that a couple times, then took a break. as fun as it was, i swear it took almost as long to clean all the fat and such out of that damn foodi as it did to cook the shit. but since i never tried the wings recipe (half the time, and i’m curious how much two pounds of wings are since that’s how it’s measured?) that’s our dinner plan. wish me luck!

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