vape ape

i kinda get it…

…sometimes when you don’t really do anything, you wanna look like you at least did SOMETHING.

and i think that’s where the vape stuff is coming from.

here in texas in the last couple years these annoying lil’ fog machines have sprung up with zero regulation, then been determined to only be for eighteen and up, then (along with all tobacco products) been pushed to twenty-one and up, and now seem to have the cross-hairs of the latest administration on their wet cereal smelling skulls.

all because of less than ten deaths.

read that again – less than ten.

so, of course everybody that has a bigger body count for the cause de celeb is hopping on this in fantastic “what the fuck?” fashion wanting to know why the e-cig folks are getting targeted for seven deaths when things like opioids and AR-15s and actual, more manly tobacco-based smoking stuff have (combined) caused death tolls in the seven figures, not just seven?

in a word (or more accurately, an image):

we have the best government money can buy – hands down! and while the vape industry is new and therefore doesn’t have the lobbying network and budget to fight legislation worth a shit, big pharma, big tobacco, and the N-R-muthaphuckin-A have budgets that literally exceed the operating budgets of some actual GOVERNMENTS on this planet. and they’ve paid good money to make their problems go away…but the vape folks? they don’t have that kinda knot.

and that way the flaming hot cheeto of penn ave can look like he did SOMETHING.

of course, keep in mind this being written about a week before you’re reading it, so big tobacco might have stepped in on behalf of their faggier cousin by now…time will tell.

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