the news on vice that vice news forgot to cover

well, last monday kinda sucked…

…but i hear it may have a happy ending?

i’m a big vice news watcher. shit, i started logging into my twitter i never used specifically to start following some of their reporter’s feeds. it used to be on every night, four nights a week, and then on friday they’d do a show called “vice” that just covered a single topic thoroughly. i started DVRing those, too.

but then those went away, and we got the news four days a week – tuesday through friday.

the problem is i work late on fridays. and soon after i’m home i’m not in the best shape, shall we say, to retain facts and information…so watching friday ON friday wasn’t really a thing for me. so friday’s would occasionally get watched on sunday when i’m home earlier (10pm or so) but more often than not it was pushed till the following monday.

such was the case a week ago, but instead of the usual thirty second ending we got a three minute montage of moments, both high and low, that seemed kind of…well…final. and ended with a somewhat ominous “see you when we see you” kinda vibe.

and then it was gone. i scanned the upcoming days and found nada. so i hit the googles…

…and it found it announced literally MONTHS AGO that the multiple award winning and nominated news show i love (this year it received more emmy nominations than any other news network) was no more. apparently this was news to their staff, too, from what i read later.

so, according that article they are now moving to vice’s cable channel, viceland, and the show will now take up the whole three hour prime time block? this could either spell abject success, failure, or just a weird purgatory for them. i’m a big w. kumau bell fan, but had honestly never heard of him until he got his own fx show called totally biased. it was weekly, socially aware, and topical. it was fun and written from an intelligent, but not overly high brow, perspective, and was produced by chris rock. then fx decided to start a second network, fxx, and moved bell there, making the show nightly versus weekly, and the writing staff struggled to keep up.

basically, what was an all killer no filler weekly show became a mostly filler but occasionally killer daily show. the ratings reflected it, and the show was cancelled. after a (not so) brief moment of media silence bell appeared again, this time on cnn (which i totally did NOT see that coming, although it should be noted vice’s peabody winning reporter has already jumped ship to there) and bell has won an emmy or two since making the move.

guess we’ll see if fate is that nice to vice?

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