don’t be a tool!

too late!

at least for me.

i really dig em. and lately they’re everywhere. tool the band, i mean. after years of begging and pleading from numerous folks they finally released their entire catalog digitally (they were one of the last holdouts of the bigger acts to do so) so we went from not being able to stream anything of theirs to being able to pretty much stream everything of theirs – their debut e.p. got new cover art along the way, and almost simultaneously they released a new single, which soon after (aug 31st) was followed by a new album, which debuted at number one on the streaming charts knocking the queen of modern teen pop, taylor swift, out of the top spot after only one week, which is unheard of. and speaking of, that prompted tens of thousands of tweents© (teens + tweets = tweents©) that simply said, “who is this ‘tool’ band?”

it makes sense they wouldn’t know – it’s been thirteen years since we’ve gotten a new tool album, and most of her fan base wasn’t even in grammar school yet. i remember an odd tour out of the blue i caught at the cedar park center in 2014 which sparked new album rumors but it still took another five years. now it’s out, it’s good, and the tour was announced as it was released. only two texas shows, and one was in san antonio. so you know i had to…

now i won’t go into how much i paid. more than i expected to, that’s for sure. not by much, but a bit. meanwhile, a bit later on, i was witness to THIS bullshit…

(for anybody curious i’m in section F4, right about where the “4” is)

now that is on the actual ticketmaster app. those are NOT third party seats. and they were under sixty dollars pre-service charge that morning when they went on sale. but NOW they’re over $350? why? because they’re “platinum seats”. what does that mean?

yep – the law of supply and demand perfectly executed. annoyingly executed.

as for tickets being more than i expected, i started to realize that now that we’ve lowered the bar for what’s a gold or platinum album because things just don’t sell anymore, and they count downloads and streams towards that even though the bands make less (i think) the money now comes from touring. you want them in your car? that’s easy and doesn’t really cost you shit because you pay that monthly spotify or apple music bill anyway. but you wanna SEE em? pay up, sucka!

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