ku klux kamp

today is the last day of os’s summer vacation…

…and i’ll tell you one spot he DIDN’T spend any of it!

of course this doesn’t exist any more (i honestly don’t know if it ever did) but the Kool Koast Kamp (can’t make that up – and if it DID really exist, did they try to sue kool cigarettes when those came out many years later and were, ironically, marketed toward black folks?) even had a shaded beach for “complexion protection” while you enjoyed the lakeside view without your skin taking on that evil tan color. yeah, cause them arian-perfect blondes hate that, right?


(i should quickly point out that i don’t support either organization noted in the following paragraph in any way, shape, or form, nor do i condone their actions or philosophies, but i bring this up for historical perspective)

while the KKK has always been against the blacks and jews and anybody, well, not anglo saxon white, they used to be more of a “community organization”, focused not just on the negative, but on the positive, by pushing local business, having their own funds to help (white) folks that had fallen on hard times, etc. it’s only of late that they became what they are today. it’s like the NRA – a lot of folks don’t realize that a lot of the laws currently in place that restrict guns (no full auto, no handguns for kids, etc) were actually sponsored and pushed by the NRA.

then the extremists took over and things got shitty.

if we knew then what we know now, we’d have realized that for once the “comedic” intro to an snl episode was more prophetic than comedy!

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