nut in, nut out

i love when foods are touted as an aphrodisiac…

…so this bit basically writes itself.

basically they did a study and (supposedly) found that a group of 18-25 year old males found they had more sex drive and increased climax if they supplemented their diet with a mix of nuts. hence the title – nut in, nut out. while blood and hormone tests revealed no change, the subjects claimed the difference, so you gotta wonder if there was a bit of a placebo effect?

either way it was the international nut & dried fruit council (who knew that was a thing?) that conducted a study, so it’s not like they don’t have any skin in the game if nuts became the new oysters or spanish fly. the article goes on to talk about various diets and their effect on your sex drive, so feel free to browse it as you see fit. thanks to my teeth i can’t really eat copious amounts of nuts, so i’ll have to look for some other magical elixir, should i ever need one – currently that is SO not a problem!

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