haven’t been there, haven’t done that, HAVE bought the t-shirt

i don’t know how i feel about this one…

…but while i’ve got tickets to see three bands in the upcoming months, the two largest (the stones and maiden) have released the merch from the tour, ahead of the actual tour, online. so while i’m not seeing iron maiden till the end of september (the twenty-fifth, to be precise) i already have my tour shirt:

(i went with the classic aces high graphic, and yes it has the tour cities on the back…)

what’s fun is the shirt said it was a pre-order to be released on the fifteenth of this month, so i waited till the fifteenth to order it only for the date to get pushed to the seventeenth, which is when mine shipped, but THEN i got an email stating that the shirt was pushed till the twenty-seventh (even though mine was already in the mail and i was tracking it…it came in yesterday) and now it shows pre-order but XL isn’t available (and is honestly a little snug on me…i gotta work out more!)

now the last several tours maiden has done a separate shirt purely for the texas dates – will that happen this time? it ain’t on the site, but i’ll hit a couple shirt booths to find out (they disappear QUICKLY). or i’ll just hit eBay after the first texas date…if it ain’t on there, i know i don’t need to even bother.

the stones have everything listed as pre-order, and they multiple separate shirts for each gig (a standard one they also make a lithograph of, plus two nfl-themed ones if they’re playing in a team’s stadium for the tour). the individual ones are ONLY available after the show, but the tour-wide ones are up. some of the separate shirts have been cool, but some are kinda lame…i’ll play that one by ear (the stones show in houston is saturday).

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