return of the culture?

the fam and i just watched season three of stranger things this week…

…and while, i admit, it took us long enough to get to it, there was another thing i wondered – would this bring back 80’s style mall culture? it was filmed in an old mall near atlanta that was retro-fitted to look like a small mall circa 1985:

while i know this would, even with its sizeable pop culture influence, never stop the die off of brick and mortar stores due to online retailing, it DOES make me wonder if you’ll see more teenagers at places like barton creek mall this summer. that wouldn’t be a bad thing. it wouldn’t kill this generation to get out and re-discover the wonder that is face to face interaction – i’m starting to think that shit dies off with my generation if we don’t watch out!

it was cool to see old shit like chess king, espirit (not a dudes store, but still memories), and wicks & sticks. all those name brands but the “glamour shots” was generic. why? did the actual company refuse to let their brand be tainted? nope – the producers said they researched and the REAL glamour shots didn’t make it to smaller malls like that until the LATE 1980’s…so since this was supposed to be 1985 they thought it more authentic to have some local yocal rip off be in there instead. well played. i’ll say this – i was sold on watching this show in the first place by co-workers who boasted about how authentically 80’s it was…and i have NOT been disappointed.

it’s all the best of the 80’s shit with modern special effects – if you haven’t indulged, you really should!

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