where they came from

i haven’t done one of these in a while…

…but this will be short and sweet.

singling out the “big one” of the “go back where you came from four” – AOC and 45 were both born in NYC (bronx & queens respectively). so were their dads. both their moms were born on islands in the atlantic ocean; 45’s on the island of scotland, which is a UK territory, and AOC’s on the island of puerto rico, which is a US territory, meaning both of HER parents were born on american soil like her…

…but one of his wasn’t.

meaning my trump’s media definition of what makes you american she’s more american than him…but she’s brown, so his real definition shows in his racist ass comments.

on a side note, my handwriting sucks and i read “people” here – and his spelling of al Qaeda just makes me think he might be dyslexic and it was never diagnosed:

(in his defense of the silence on that last one dyslexia wouldn’t have kept him out of vietnam)

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