myPod life?

has anybody heard of pod based living?

it’s new to me and something i could never do. ever. but i guess it might work for this upcoming generation?

it’s a hostel that loves to claim it’s not a hostel…but it is. everything is shared except your bed. it has wifi and common rooms and a common kitchen and…well…fuck them, it’s a hostel.

the only claim they make that differentiates them is they have fancier shit and fewer beds than a typical hostel – and they’re in more upscale areas like hollywood and downtown l.a. – but otherwise, it’s just a super nice hostel. that being said, it does encourage “podestrians” be more social with each other. and it’s hella cheap – try to find another way to stay the night in hollywood for fifty bucks that doesn’t involve a dumpster and bum poss…i dare you!

what’s kinda sad & pathetic about the whole thing is reading the company history. it was started by a lady and her dad, and homegirl lives full-time in the one downtown. she is quoted in the article i read as saying:

“I started it to cure my own loneliness,” said Beck, “so I never had a night without friends.”

so basically daddy bought her a building and set it up to where cheap ass rates got her a peer group that’s ever-changing so nobody realizes how lame it is to hang out with her? it kinda reminds me of a kid on my block growing up that nobody really was into until his folks bought him literally EVERY star wars toy and atari cartridge out at the time. all of a sudden alan wasn’t so bad!

same concept, grander scale.

i could never do it – for me, sleeping is like a shuttle launch – if all the factors don’t line up we are no go. i couldn’t do it in an open dorm environment like some kind of ikea-built military barrack (which is what the pics look like to me).

but if you can, go for it – seems like a cheap, albeit anything but privacy-laden, way to travel. and with this generation snap chatting almost EVERYTHING they do, privacy will probably die with my generation anyway.

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