knowing when to say i got this (taking it back from the pros)

my moment of glory today came to an abrupt halt in front on an archery store…

…you can’t make that shit up. not even in texas.

no, after a $67 part bought back in october (don’t judge me) that i found i could NOT figure out how to install, so i coughed up $333 labor today (total of $400) punching the gas as i got onto 183 today yielded this instantly:

which, you may recall, was what i was getting previously.

so now i’m left wondering if the part that got swapped needed to be swapped in the first place? the new part i now need to buy is a bit more expensive (just over or under a bill, depending on where you get it) and appears to be an easy swap out (time will tell, once i get the part we’re gonna give it a shot – look for updates in the comments later). i guess only time will tell, but driving off today expecting all to be well and seeing that fucking light again kinda fucked me up. now more money and a little wrench time with me and all is right again? i guess we’ll see – and i’ll never know if the first $400 did shit since the same warning persists…

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