well, that decision just got easier

i realize all MIGHT not be lost here…

…but it was definitely a step in the wrong direction.

the current administration (because he loves seeing his name places i try not to use his name here because…well…fuck that egotistical dipshit) has decided to restrict the ways americans can get to cuba due to it’s support of the president of venezuela versus the one that the administration likes.

which is kind of bullshit.

but it’s not surprising when you put a child who likes to throw tantrums (i added a “p” between the “m and “s” by accident when i first typed that which was a funny freudian slip) in the white house. my issue with it comes in june of 2021, which technically on the other side of the next election so there might be a regime change between now and then in our country.

but there also might not be.

but in june of 2021 i turn fifty, and planned on going on a trip to celebrate my semi-centennial to either cuba (in homage to my cigar habit) or to ireland (in homage to my whiskey habit). but for now the first one might be off the table thanks to the flaming hot cheet-o with the bad hair, which really sucks.

now, i’ll grant you, i am writing this just shy of midnight several days before you’re reading it, and i did a “current temperature check” online only to find out that it was raining both dublin AND havana, but the former had a temperature of 58° and the latter was over twenty degrees warmer…in the middle of the night. there’s a five hour time difference, and while i would expect 5am to be cooler than midnight, that speaks volumes for which is the more comfortable spot during the summer months.

plus, they are technically “my people”…and not just in the kramer sense of the phrase.

so while it is the shittier flight, it is the safer bet for both food and comfort AND lack of language issues. and again, it’s still a while off. but i was hoping to not have the decision made for me, you know? i guess we’ll see how all the 2020 election shit pans out and call it from there…shit, with the climate a’ changin, they might both be under water by then anyway, right?

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