iForgot about this till now

ya know what never occurred to me until i saw a guardian article this week?

i have kind of spent a ridiculous amount of money on iTunes over the years.

so when i saw a post that was titled “R.I.P. iTunes” and it was NOT about ripping your shit from CD (which i don’t think anybody still does, and probably anybody who’s under twenty-five and read that doesn’t even understand) i got upset. i thought all was lost.

all is not lost.

at this point almost all my music listen to is in apple music. in fact, most of what i paid for i now get to stream for free, and can download to my phone to listen to if i’m somewhere you can’t stream (like a plane or west texas). that being said, my iTunes isn’t just loaded with my purchases…that goes back to them limewire/frostwire days of quasi-legal (okay, not EVEN legal) downloaded shit. and tons of my CD’s i’ve ripped i’d rather not have to re-do. what’s sad is my iTunes library en masse lives on an old laptop i’m not 100% sure will even fire up any more. it’s old enough that it has window’s xp as the operating system. my current notebook sits in front of me, and truth me told, is the first i’ve owned that legitimately has the hard drive capacity to hold the 12,500+ tracks from my iTunes plus all the shit i need for work. the previous ones were all 256GB which i realized couldn’t do it all. this one can – but how may days will it take me?

but back to the iTunes demise – i don’t know if that’s an accurate term. if you use a window’s pc to sync all your shit (as i do) the article says NOTHING changes. and the store is still there for purchases and downloads. so i guess for my ass under utilizing it over the years as i have (i don’t do podcasts or audio books or tv through it) it doesn’t really change shit for me. i guess we’ll see come fall when it happens for real. now i just gotta see if i can get all that shit from the old laptop on here in the first place.

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