that voodoo that they do…not well?

so, these are the times i feel old…

i’ve made no secret of new orlean’s voodoo music experience being my favorite music festival. every year for over a decade i get bombarded with emails trying to get me to buy early bird passes. i really should – if we decided to go, we’d have em; and meanwhile, if we decided NOT to go the early ones are so cheap you can turn a pretty good profit selling them on eBay.

i bought one back in 2007 when it was rage against the machine, the black crowes, and the smashing pumpkins because to me that seemed more like 1997 and that was cool as fuck (never mind the fact that at that point i had seen RATM four times, BC twice, and SP four times, and been drinking with the last two as well). but then everybody i wanted to go with me slowly bailed, and while i had no problems paying for the pass, covering the gas to and from NOLA, hotel, etc, made it cost prohibitive – but i made fifty bucks selling the pass on eBay.

i went in 2011 (first time i got to see bret’s new crib) but then i bought passes for me and the ufc in 2015 only to sell those when we found out bret & leo’s wedding reception was two weeks after it and we could only afford one trip (and we have our priorities straight). sold them for a hundred dollar profit, partially due to (for the first time in festival history) the festival being called off for one day because of weather and so i got a refund that i was gonna give to the guy who bought my tickets but he asked me to only send him half. that made ZERO sense to me, but the customer is always right, right?

so the lineup for this year got released today, and what i highlighted is what i recognized. i don’t know any of the other acts. at all. not only could i not name a tune they’ve made, i don’t even recognize band names. so, back to the title – am i just old and out of touch, or does this lineup suck? my mental well being is hinging on the fact that guns n roses wanted so much dough that it skewed the budget for the rest of the lineup towards the craptacular? either way, glad we didn’t buy passes…not sure if these would be a hard sell or not!

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