yes, that’s (tat)too far

i guess maybe it’s because i’m not a tattoo artist?

but i typically dig tattoo shows. call it “intellectual curiosity”, but i’m usually sucked in for at least an episode or two. then i either get sick of some of the personalities on the show, or their some kind of fuckery to it, and i’m out. that being said, some of it i’ve watched extensively.

but there’s a relatively new one out i watched today for the first time and i’m not sure how i feel about it.

in twenty-five plus years of being in this industry in some way, shape, or form, i’ve learned one thing – ass tattoo on a white guy equals lost bet. almost universally. i’ve never understood the concept of getting something on you (semi) permanently that you don’t want, and for what? because your team lost the playoffs? YOU didn’t miss that free throw – ginóbili did. so now you have to have a brick with a argentinian flag on the side of it on you for life?

you about ass fuck retarded.

the concept of this show is two people who knew each other well (a couple and two best friends are on the pilot) drive home some belabored point with this other person in their inner circle via a tattoo they design that is then applied with the person getting it blind to it through the whole thing. all professional work from professional artists (a couple of which are off other tattoo reality shows) and then they’re “revealed” at the end so they can see how this person they thought liked them has no issue fucking them up (semi) permanently to get their point (or joke) across.

super. yep, this is the de-evolution of man before our very eyes.

it’s mindless entertainment based on what pays my bills, so chances are i’ll check out a few more episodes…after all, the second season just started. and while i somewhat dislike the concept, every one on the show is a consenting adult, knows the revenge-fueled premise of the show, and still signed the release to get a tattoo they know they’ll probably want lasered or covered (hence all the “(semi)” shit above) so i guess they’re kinda getting what they deserve.

twenty years after i walked away from radio for good i’m still shocked at the levels of bullshit people will endure for free shit…

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