when you really love your work, is it work at all?

there’s been a bit of upheaval in our world lately…

…the ufc’s office was drastically (and tragically) remodeled. there’s all new restrictive corporate-style rules, it’s making it anything but fun for her, but she’s trying to make the best of an uncool situation. to that end, she bought a little shelf set from the good people at chIKEA (the chinese version of IKEA) to go in her cubicle.

i don’t know if there really is such a thing, but it’s what i nicknamed some body jewelry display cases we got in at the shop that i had to build, where the directions were just off enough to fuck you up on the first one and, to make them seem more local, i’m guessing, all the pics came with hispanic gentlemen in houston sports gear (rocket’s caps, texan’s shirts, etc) assembling them.

again, the illustrations were of little use, and we got pics like this shit:

the few english lines peppered about say positive shit in BAD translations, like “thank you for your support and encouragement” and below the pic it says “thank you – and the sun went into my world”.

they are pretty stoked about selling you some little shelves, lemme tell you!

and i don’t know what these two guys are saying, but their facial expressions speak volumes and ain’t none of it good!

so there’s that. when i was a kid we had wooden puzzles where you had to figure out how it all fit together, and this was basically the same thing except with a light formica coating and when you got it figured out it was pre-drilled to be screwed together. took less than thirty minutes to put together all four units (same shit, but times two) and we were done…although i’m not sure it put the sun in my world, it put a smile on the ufc’s face, and that’s close enough for me!

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