april stupidity wrap up, part 2

so, repeating shirts wasn’t the only thing i have up in april…

…i also went without booze. this wasn’t as hard as i feared it might be.

that being said, it wasn’t as “successful” as i’d hoped, either. i mean, it was successful in the sense that i didn’t drink for the entire month of april. i pulled THAT part off. and i told myself if it achieved what i wanted it to, i might even make this an annual cleanse thing and do it for both “a months”, i.e. april and august.

but i don’t think that’s gonna happen.

i was hoping a lot of what i hear alcohol does to you and your body would somehow magically reverse if i went a month on the wagon…like my face wouldn’t look as puffy, or i wouldn’t feel bloated, and i’d maybe see some weight drop off. perhaps even gain some energy.

nope on all accounts, except my weight DID drop from march 30 to april 30…by 1.4 pounds. yes, that decimal point was on purpose – it only dropped one POINT four pounds. i can drop more than that with a healthy shit some mornings!

(i might have shared too much there)

that being said, my weight does drop more than that literally while i sleep.

so, kinda like the shirt thing, it was fun while it lasted and somewhat served its purpose BUT was more of a pain in the ass than it might have been worth. that being said, i might cut back a little just for a happy mix of health & economic reasons, but i don’t know…we’ll see where this crazy ride called life takes me!

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