april stupidity wrap-up, part 1

so, as i’d mentioned, i did an “alcohol free april”…

…and while it makes more sense to talk about that on cinco de mayo, instead we’re gonna get to that later and go traditional with a sunday six pack.

(which again, when said like that, seems like it’s what we should do on cinco de mayo)

so, this started as a no repeat november that expanded from a single month to seeing if could go a hundred days. and as i mentioned in that bit, fuck it, let’s see if i could go six months. six months of never wearing the same shirt twice. this was to “test” my t-shirt collection, and it passed frighteningly easily. i even made sure i didn’t repeat button ups between our company xmas party, xmas, and two different funerals that all fell in the span. so here’s your list of the six months i pulled off for a sunday sixer:

(as you can see i kept track of this all with the “NOTES” app on my iPhone. moving on…)

a few additional notes

– this spanned three holiday events, two funerals, and a family vacation to new orleans with no repeats

– while some shirts WERE purchased during this time, not all were worn during said time AND infinitely more were left “in waiting” (i.e. i already own them but they weren’t worn during the experiment)

– when you see “clusters” (i.e. three rolling stones shirts together or three nin shirts together) it’s because sometimes, for shits and giggles, i do “theme weekends” for myself. for example, st. patrick’s day weekend was all green band shirts.

and finally…

– i won’t be doing this again anytime soon as it’s kinda a pain in the ass. but at least i got a few bits out of it!

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