is the glass half full or half empty?

try ALL the way empty!

my year used to have a natural “pocket” of sobriety that just kinda made sense – i’d have more than a few with JAB and his family at the town fourth of july picnic, then cut myself off until we’d go out for his birthday (august 5th). but now thanks to me working on his weekend and the wives and kids factor the picnic typically still goes down, but his birthday doesn’t – leaving my world without a natural pocket for sobriety…

…hence NO sobriety.

not that i’m shitfaced all the time or anything. but i do tend to have a couple of drinks every day, sunday through thursday. and “a drink” is usually a glass of whiskey or tequila on the rocks. no mixer. just the full booze. i do traditionally keep a “two and through” rule, but this is always hours after lunch and a bit before dinner, so there are times where bits of conversations come up missing (typically with the ufc, which doesn’t go over well).

so this month i decided would be “alcohol free april” for no other reason than just to see if i felt bouncier or maybe dropped a couple pounds.

neither have occurred.

but we’ve only got a week to go as of today and i’ve only said, “fuck me – i picked a shitty month to stop drinking!” about forty-seven times. so at least there’s that. but since nobody likes a quitter this will NOT be a permanent thing, although it might result in me scaling down considerably. and if i can stick to that, i’m good. and if i CAN’T, we might also go for an “alcohol free august”.

stay tuned!

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  • Kramer Apr 23, 2019 @ 11:41

    Nobody likes a quitter!

    • sean M Apr 29, 2019 @ 15:36

      That’s why I didn’t “quit”, I just took some time off.

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