spire a’fire

i’d like to say a little something about this…

…i am anything but religious, and of all the faiths in the world i consider the christians to be the most hypocritical. i’ve never made a secret of this. they refuse to acknowledge other faiths older than their own that they cherry-picked to create theirs (example – most antisemitic white trash racists claim to be christian, but just tell them jesus was a jew and watch them lose their shit and say, “no he wasn’t, you idiot – he was a christian!”)

no, you hillbilly, he didn’t worship himself. moving on…

they also cherry-pick their own religious book when it suits their whims. further worse are the catholics who covered up decades of abuse of thousands of kids. but all that being said and acknowledged, this is just sad:

you can hate the christians. you can abhor the catholics. but if you have an artistic or creative bone in your body you have to acknowledge the fact that one of the greatest examples of gothic architecture, and flying buttresses, and medieval history is now gone…and that’s sad. it has twice as many visitors as the eiffel tower. it was mostly completed a full half a millennium before this country was founded. and now it’s been mostly destroyed, and that’s sad. at some point, artistically and creatively speaking, you have to realize the name on the deed is just the name on the deed…it doesn’t matter who “owned” the building, the people are the ones that actually OWN some things. like the graffiti park in austin that was recently demolished.

yeah, somebody “owned” it and could do so, but at that point it wasn’t theirs anymore – it belonged to the hundreds of artists who had spent thousands of hours making it a thing of beauty…as was this cathedral, regardless of the atrocities of the actual landlords.

both will be missed.

and that being said, no corporation has more money than the catholic church, so don’t donate shit to them for this.

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