wheelin’ & dealin’

so NOW the real fun starts…

…but i’m kinda nervous.

the wheels it ordered are supposed to be 20″. my car won’t take any bigger. that being said, the outer boxes they came shipped in are labeled ’22” wheel box’. the outer diameter of the wheels is 21.5″ and appear like they’ll sit in the tire properly, but i’m not 100% on that. the boxes ARE labeled properly and the model number on them (understand i say “them” but in truth have only opened one at this point) are all correct, so i should be good.

time will tell.

tomorrow i get to put one of each on the car, sans tires, and make sure everything fits okay. i’m also gonna see if the factory lugs fit, and if not the chrome ones they mistakenly shipped me should as they were sold with em, and the replacement black ones are on the way (supposedly arriving tomorrow).

and in the mean time our front door is unusable since the outside of my office looks like this:

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