tier one down

so, we’re back to some bmw drama of late…

…but as many miles as i put on my cars, it’s bound to happen.

black betty had an oil leak, was in need of an oil change, and has some rear brake rumble indicating the pads are in need of replacement. in order of appearance, the leak is fixed but not without me dumping a considerable amount of oil and coolant down the front of the engine, which hopefully just looks messy but doesn’t really harm shit as i can’t get my hand down low enough to really clean it properly. i even waited to pull shit apart till i drained the oil, riding out the leak for MONTHS so it wouldn’t spill oil and coolant everywhere but S U R P R I S E – it spilled oil and coolant everywhere. all has been topped off, and hopefully no air got in the coolant system in a bad way.

time will tell, i suppose.

because of her electronic parking brake i gotta wait till a diagnostic tool comes in for me to properly work on the brakes, which means i have to do it on a friday BEFORE i go into work. i am NOT a fan of this. if it comes in thursday i might try to take care of shit thursday night.

again, time will tell. but the “tier one problem” that i went into the week knowing needed to be dealt with is. the brake shit sprung up yesterday.

as for señor grey, i still don’t know what his coolant leak is, but for some reason vato zone comped me another battery. that being said i still think it would behoove me to head over there (with the radiator topped off, of course) to buy some coolant dye AND get the battery alternator situation checked out as they do it for free and that battery should NOT have eaten shit that quickly.

so the tier one problem is down – he starts again. even though this was new SINCE the coolant leak, it really wasn’t as i’d had some odd issues before, i just thought it was a loose cable. if it turns out that battery was bunk all the better that we should be good now.

so much for relaxing days off, huh? and i still need to order the phones and get laptop shit switched around like i talked about LAST week.

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