it’s day 102, but am i through?

i’ll never understand “no shave” november…

…so, you wanna grow out some patchy ass beard to support cancer research but NOT actually donate to the people that make shit happen? isn’t that kinda cruel? hey, guy who lost your beard due to chemo – lemme grow one out to show how much i support curing the disease that’s stopping you from looking as grizzly as me!

on behalf of male cancer patients every where, “fuck you, grizzly adams!”

there was also “no nut november” where guys pledged not to masturbate or have sex for the month, which i personally was just an excuse for a bunch of dudes that weren’t getting laid ANYWAY to have a month where they had an excuse? either way, i’m a forty-something married guy…when i can get some, i’m gonna get some. abstaining ain’t gonna cure your disease and is just gonna piss me off. it’s a lose-lose.

in the spirit of fun, i did do my own thing – i didn’t repeat a shirt. i wore a different shirt every day of november. then december. then january. it became my goal to do a “no repeat 101” where i went for a hundred and one days without repeating a shirt, versus just the month of november.

yesterday was day one o’ one.

but as we’re already at the start of month FOUR, shouldn’t i just see if i can for six months? i figure why the fuck not?!? the hardest part is keeping track, and i have all the months on my phone so far…guess i can just keep it there and see? and if i accidentally DO repeat, we call it done right then and there.

fuck it, i’m gonna try.

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