sunday night shut off

not to be confused with “shut down”…

…that’s been in the news a bit TOO much lately.

i had a weird experience a bit ago – i was on the phone with my friend keri and had stepped outside as she was out drinking and it was a bit loud and i didn’t wanna wake the ufc. i was pacing up and down my sidewalk when i saw somebody walking down the street just west of my yard. it’s not even ten at night at this point, so in most places this wouldn’t be odd…but my neighborhood gets hella quiet hella early (one of the reasons i love living here) and so this was not normal. i noticed from the opposite side a car approaching kinda slowly, and when i looked back at the young lady she was now walking towards me IN MY FUCKING YARD.

now, i didn’t say anything because i’m on the phone, but i’m speaking on the phone so i know she hears my loud ass (unless she had earbuds in, which it was dark enough so i don’t know) and as she got closer it looked like she was clutching something to her chest…she walked halfway across my yard, and when she got to my driveway walked down the driveway to this busted ass red chevy cobalt with a trash bag for a window that had now stopped in front of my driveway and got in…

…so does this motherfucker now thing teen mom o.g. lives in my fucking house? cause that’s not fucking cool.

i wonder how often this shit happens in my (supposedly) quiet neighborhood?

either way, i need to shut this shit off!

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