a fool and his money (a civics lesson)

here’s a screen shot from exactly a week ago:

and here’s a lesson in how the government works – while the feds want your money via taxes, fees, etc, they can’t just take handouts. it’s not the way it works. it’s literally illegal for them to just take money unless it’s in a campaign contribution which is supposed to ONLY be used for said campaign. so all the money above can NOT be used for dipshit’s even more dipshit pet project. it just legally can’t.

but here’s what i hope ACTUALLY happens…

…a black college student pulled some social media fakery starting with a “black college girls support trump” kinda post that was then followed by a “my parents cut me off because i support trump” post with a go fund me link that trumpians kicked in on a LOT.

and then it turns out to be all bullshit, and she took the money and ran. when asked if she felt guilty she replied in the negative saying basically that trumpians have no souls and deserve what they get for supporting that moron.

good for her!

i wonder if this will be that, but on a a grander scheme? thoughts and prayers!

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  • sean M Jan 8, 2019 @ 9:48

    It’s now up another cool mil just since I wrote this…

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