you kickin’ in on this?

here’s what i don’t understand about the current generation of teen and twenty-something…

…the “free” factor.

the everybody gets a trophy generation thinks a lot of things are free that weren’t for the generations prior. music, for example. i had sundance records, waterloo, and sound exchange. they have spotify, soundcloud, and apple music. they think everyplace should have free wi-fi. and, for some reason, they think electricity is free.

and they’ve done it so subtly most people wouldn’t notice.

i’ve lost track of how many younger folks come in the shop and just plug their phone chargers in. don’t ask – just do it. shit, i had one guy UNPLUG OUR FUCKIN IPAD to use the charger on HIS phone because it was about to die while he was face timing his girl…now he’s about to die for doing some stupid shit.

here’s the question – do you work here? did you kick in on this light bill? if not, fuck off! when this generation were toddlers we had to cover our outlets so they didn’t hurt themselves (something they never did for us and we turned out fine)…now we have to cover the outlets so they don’t run everybody’s bill up!

(for research i asked os if he would do this, and he said he’d ask – i assume this is accurate since i did bait the question with, “i won’t be pissed regardless of what you say”)

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