fifteen years later, i still don’t know where it all came from (a throwback)

we have another day where there’s not a “perfectly old” bit…

…two done on the nineteenth, than one on the twenty-first.

well, shit.

so i hit the other disc and the title of this one intrigued me, so…

11/05/2003: “so, is that lil’ fish called a “spam”?”
this has got to be a joke…

ever since we re-formulated this page and slapped it on a new server last december, life has been a bit rougher for me. not because i felt compelled to write more or better (obviously), but because when we re-did the sidebar links, kramer made a slight error and set up the mail link to go to my PRIMARY yahoo account. not the one i had set up for the whore, but the one that my family and friends actually use to reach me.

at first i didn’t sweat it. most people don’t write me off the page anyway, so it’s no big deal. it’s kinda like most of the people that hang out around me (excluding close friends with this description)…they wander into my life, have some laughs, have some drinks, and wander away. if the laughs aren’t there because i’m in a downer kinda mood (like lately) then most of them just wander away. shit happens, i suppose (or so so many bumpers tell me). but it’s not like all of a sudden everyone who read the page as of december of last year started to email me, so i didn’t sweat it.

and then it began.

not reader mail. oh, no. that would be cool. no, this is spam. and not just any spam.

christian spam.

yes, there is such a thing. bible verses. uplifting messages. more than once a day. this HAS to be some kind of sick joke, right? and then on top of that, the most fun of all comes from the mail i actually get at least once a DAY:

“Meet Christian Singles In Your Area TONIGHT!!!”

oh, HELL yeah…(pardon the pun). just what i need!!! some hot, steamy PRAYER action this evening. just what i ALWAYS wanted!!!

aioshweroraegodalgdf'[0pe vwag

(that was what typed when i smacked my head in desperation against the keyboard three times)

um, no thanks. and honestly, do christians really need to hook up with each other THAT fast? isn’t patience supposed to be a virtue? although i’ll say this…i knew this girl who was on a dating site or two, and she said the biggest perverts, guy-wise, were on the christian matchmaker site. now THAT is fucking funny. i guess it’s the same as that friend of mine who cruises for girls in gay and lesbian bars…love can be a hunt some times, and the element of surprise can be your best friend. just ask any jungle animal with built in camo…

this gives me an idea. who the hell wants to be alone during the holidays, right?

now, if you’ll excuse me, i have a profile to build. gimme a couple of hours and look for inked_up_satan_child on the christian singles board near you…

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