stanley service

let’s talk about tools…

…and no, this isn’t a dick reference.

this is in reference to actual things you use to fix or do shit. i typically go after kobalt (the house brand from lowe’s) because they come with a lifetime warranty and lowe’s swaps that shit out without issue. for power stuff i’ve been on a dewalt kick lately, but for some reason almost every socket set i get is stanley brand.

actually, i know the reason – convenience. there’s no lowe’s or home depot or what have you in lockhart. but there’s a wal-mart, and they sell stanley. yay, though i live in the era of the amazon prime my socket needs typically happen where two days is too long and so i bought a set at wal-mart, and liked it enough that i picked up a second when i saw it on half-price so i could keep one in each car.

(it should be noted it was on clearance because it was missing one of it’s 3,236 sockets – but it was the 3/16″ one, and everything on my car is metric, so who gives a shit? $50 set for $25? yes, please!)

but i had two extensions break on some over-tightened things (no, i am NOT the one that over tightened them in the first place) and i had noticed that all stanley tools say “lifetime warranty”, so treated it like kobalt and went to wal~mart…

…but they don’t play that game.

turns out you have to reach out to stanley directly, which basically involves writing a note, dropping your broken shit in an envelope, and sending it to the address on your website. yes, you pay the postage (for the two broken extension it was around three bucks, but a pair of extensions was ten) and two weeks later free tools in the mail! if this was an emergency need this woulda sucks – but two DIFFERENT extensions broke out of two DIFFERENT socket sets, so i still had one of each to get me through. overall, not bad…

…but the kobalt way is still better.

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  • Kramer Dec 18, 2018 @ 18:51

    Snap-On was the brand to buy, before the great burglary… another story, left elsewhere…

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