tree oil – better than a stick in the eye?

i’m not so sure…

…because earlier on, i felt pepper sprayed.

i did a bit quite a while ago about running out of shampoo (amongst other things) because…well…i assumed i was. but i wasn’t, until last week. it was a good run – i splurged and dropped sixty bucks on a litre (that’s how they spell it) bottle of aveda shampoo, which is one of a few brands i used to trust my hair to…

(yeah, a lot of fucking good that pickiness did me)

…and the sixty dollar bottle lasted me TWO AND A HALF YEARS. that ain’t a bad price for shave lube, which is what i use it for. i’d say i shave my head roughly nine times a month, so multiply that by thirty months, and sixty bucks got me two hundred and seventy shaves, which is less than a quarter a shave. considering it’s done well enough that in all that time there was maybe two cuts due lack of lube (insert anal joke here) that ain’t bad.

that being said, i decided it was time for a change, and i went further back in my hair history to (now) austinite paul mitchell and his tea tree oil stuff. as the ufc pointed out, it’s probably not meant to be left on your head for the several minutes i do to shave. it’s also meant to hit more than just scalp like it does with me. it has two positives to it:

1. when you finally rinse it off the sense of relief is borderline emotionally overwhelming
2. it makes every little bit of stubble stand up like scalp viagra so your shave is ultra close

i got the regular tea tree oil shit, but they also make a lemongrass and a lavender mint. i decided against the former because i tend to not be a fan of anything lemon scented, and i avoided the former because i thought mint ON TOP of tea tree oil (which is mentholated) would be overkill on my scalp…but the ufc tells me the lavender might actually chill it out a bit, so i might have to see if i can swap it out at ulta (even though i got the shampoo through groupon). i was needing to go ulta to get more face wash anyway…

…and that concludes the gayest shit i’ll say all day. well, probably.

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