the sanctity of the solid stripe

here’s something i don’t get…

(and before i go any further i will totally admit to doing this myself)

why is it we can be driving down the road, possibly with some slight intoxication working, going eighty in a fifty-five (which is no longer speeding but rather reckless driving by texas state law as you’re more than fifteen miles over the speed limit) and come up behind some slow car and screech down to their amish speed all because the stripe is solid?

fucking seriously?

you’re already breaking a law or three – what’s the big deal about cutting across that solid yellow line and getting around the F350 going slower than a parade due to the driver being a septuagenarian who is slightly buzzed and holding his phone to his head?

like i said, i’m totally guilty of it – but why do we treat the solid stripe so sacredly?

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