good morning! (i actually had one…well, for the most part)

i went three outta five this morning…

…which will win you the playoffs!

first off i got rid of the ringing in my ears. not that my hearing is going – quite the opposite. when i worked concerts i wore ear plugs. when i went to em i did, too. so as a result my hearing is pretty stellar – and as a result i could hear the high pitched annoying noise the new dimmable LED kitchen bulbs made. i’ve dealt with us several months, and it’s what made me nervous about buying new bulbs for our bathroom (but once i was down to only one of the four my hand was kind of forced) – but no noise there!

so i went and bought the same for the kitchen. you know what the difference between dimmable LED bulbs and NON-dimmable LED bulbs is? about ten bucks. literally. but so worth it as the noise is gone!

one point.

when i was looking for said bulbs at first i walked down the wrong aisle and ended up in plumbing supplies, which is one aisle over. there’s a kitchen faucet i’ve wanted for a while now and i always check to make sure it’s there even though i never seem to pull the trigger on it. today i noticed they only had one left and somebody had opened the box. i took the open box to the guy that runs that lil’ section of wal~mart and showed it to him. he said they normally take ten percent off open box crap (taking the $98 down to $88.20) but that they had just rolled out some “customer value program something or other” so he’d plug that into his machine and see how low he could go. ended up taking it down to $49.00!

two points.

because i wasn’t sure if the discount would ring up on self-checkout i went to the first open register i saw and rang up, and ended up running into an old neighbor who was always my favorite guy on the block and i hadn’t seen in probably close to fifteen years so we got to catch up and that literally made my day!

three points.

then i got home and realized i was starting to get hungry. when i left the house the only real project on the day’s agenda was trying to finalize the fallen tree that still sits partially on my house, but if i was hungry i knew i’d do very little on it before finding an excuse to eat – and now i had a kitchen project to do as well! so the chainsaw thing is off the table for the morning, and with a 1pm appointment it might be off for the day.

strike one.

i grabbed a floor ticket to see iron maiden in san antonio in september of next year because it’s supposed to be “their biggest and most outrageous stage production ever” where they’re “going to play all the hits our fans want to hear”. i figured that went well with an april road trip to houston to catch the stones when that got announced last week. the pre-sale i was sent a “code” for is today (the code is just a word, not some super secret access shit) but i got my times mixed up and thought the pre-sale was at 11am central time (i really should remember all ticketmaster shit kicks on at 10am) so when i logged in to the houston show at 10:13 (when i finally checked the email) this became my status:

(that is a live shot of exactly when i typed the last sentence)

although, given that i paid almost a hundred bucks a ticket to see em in austin in 2006 i wonder how much this is supposed to run? that alone might cancel this plan out…

strike two or foul tip?

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