profanity rulez, misogyny droolz!

people always gripe about the roads in austin being a pain in the ass because they have multiple names…

…but the world is just that way.

take, for example, this sign:

when i was a kid, it was a playing board for tic-tac-toe and still is. it was also a sign that meant “number”:

and in the newer vernacular it’s a “hashtag” for marking social media things. but it also means “pound” as in when you do that odd thing where you use your phone as…you know…a PHONE, and have to put in some numbers, you usually do so and then press “POUND”, or “#”. which is why when i saw protests like this…

i know what they MEANT, but when i read it to me it said “POUND ME TOO”, which is kind of the OPPOSITE of what they were trying to say. on a side note, they made the banner using a free font called “honey script”, which is almost a default for female small tattoo work (it’s cute, feminine, and single pass line work) for anybody curious.

and if you want to know how much this movement is impacting popular culture, just listen to satellite radio. i tuned in to a re-broadcast of an edm festival in houston and was shocked to hear them censor the words “ho” and “bitch” out of a hip-hop track, but leave in all the fuck shits. and it was during multiple times of day and multiple tracks. so we gotta watch THAT shit, but not the FUCKING shits? who’d have seen that coming?

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