possibly the best warranty ever

i am a big believer in K&N car products…

…and even more so now!

as reported, i had an issue with the kit on black betty, my bmw 535i – although i don’t know if IT did this or if I did this:

(that’s supposed to be an oval)

before attempting to stretch it out, i decided to call them. it took less than thirty seconds on the phone tree and i was speaking with an american based rep who spoke english clearly.

(ain’t it sad that’s seen as unusual now? remember when that was the rule, NOT the exception?)

i couldn’t remember if i’d registered the product for the warranty, but i knew i had dome SOMETHING ’cause they sent me this:

i didn’t tell her my name, or the number on the card. she simply asked, “did you buy the kit from us?”, and i said, “no – amazon.” she then asked the kit number (the box was handy, so that was easy, and it had the kit in it thanks to a botched warranty repair from a really SHITTY warranty). from there she got my name, address, etc, and explained parts would be delayed because they’d been out of stock and the new batch was “just completing testing”.

that was wednesday. the box arrived on saturday.

and the kit is now re-installed. i was advised (via their website) that this does NOT restart the TEN YEAR warranty, so i’ve still got just over NINE years left.

i’m good with that.

that’s how warranty shit SHOULD work!

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