a cache money bit about when i had no cash money (a flashback)

so, once again, no “exactly fifteen or sixteen year old bit” was available…

…so it’s a “cache money” day, where i pull stuff off the jump drive of rescued bits.

hey, it’s helping to slowly fill the archives up with a ridiculous amount of backlog, and it gives us glimpses into my past randomly. this was written post star tickets, pre dell. this was the third of my 6-6-6 weeks of unemployment (i was unemployed only six week from college to 101X, another six from 101X to sundance records, and finally six weeks between star tickets and dell)…it’s funny reading about me losing my shit here, not knowing that five and a half years later i’d be unemployed for six full months and almost lose my house – but that was the psychological breakdown that caused my mental reset and cured my thirteen year depression, so some good came out of it!

will write for cash…but who the fuck WON’T?
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saturday is the day…

not meant in some truly significant kinda way. but saturday makes exactly one month since my forty-hour a week, eight-six miles to commute, pry my ass outta bed at 6:00 a.m. choke chain was cut off me and i was set free to roam.

i put it that way so i see it as a good thing. to be honest, it’s driving me nuts. i’m not one of those sit around kinda guys. not my thing. need stuff to do. need a purpose. once you’ve done all your laundry, washed all your dishes, and cleaned your place, you are ass out of things to do.

the first couple of weeks were a breeze. had to promote eddie’s shows. had to to line up radio appearances. had to network. had to schmooze. then we had the shows. then it was all done. a job well done, i might admit, but when push comes to shove it meant i was two weeks out of the employed game and the cap city gig was the only real, solid lead i had…

and we all remember how THAT turned out.

(2018 note – i honestly don’t, fifteen years later, but as i don’t work there and never did i guess not well? the place is now actually run by me & shane’s favorite ice bat’s bartender)

so now i’ve had two solid weeks of looking. with NOTHING. all they say about the job market in and around austin is true – it SUCKS. and while i had ed’s shows two weekends ago, and then journal con and bocktoberfest to preoccupy my dangerous (not so) little mind this last weekend, this weekend i find myself with a LOT of down time. and down time, with an imagination (and self-deprecating streak) like mine is a very, very uncool thing.

there are tell-tale signs that you’ve been without work for too long. here’s one or two (or oddly enough, six…):

1. your dogs start to look at you with this, “man…don’t you have somewhere you need to BE right now?!?” kinda look.

2. your couch has spent so much time working an ass groove with you that it starts to think it’s a thong.

3. you’ve re-lived the scene in high fidelity where you organize all your music at home alphabetically, then chronologically by release date, then chronologically by when you BOUGHT it, then by amounts of emotional significance, and finally by order of the relationships in your past it reminds you of. remember i have over 750 CDs and almost 2,000 pieces of vinyl.

4. you actually consider buying stuff you saw on an infomercial you saw at about 3:45 am on a tuesday.

5. you were actually UP at 3:45 am on a tuesday…and it had no effect on your schedule the next day AT ALL.

and finally, the most shameful of the shameful…

6. you watched game four of the world series with the guy who had only rang your bell to see if you wanted your yard mowed. he paid for the pizza, you paid for the beer.


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