shit show – euro version

it’s been a while since i did a anti-pres bit…

…so i’m probably overdue.

this past weekend people lost their shit because he acted like a child – dipping out of visiting a WWI cemetery full of dead americans in france due to rain, and then dipping out of the procession to the arc de triumphe for seemingly no reason except he didn’t wanna.

how did this surprise anybody? news flash – he only typically travels to resorts with his name on them so he milk the american tax payer for full value on every room used for him, the family, the staff, the security, etc. have you ever looked at the back of a hotel room door and seen that outlandish rate they SAY it’s worth even though you paid less and suddenly feel pretty fucking good about the deal you got from orbitz or priceline or whoever? yeah, THAT’S the rate WE as american tax payers are paying HIM to stay at his own shit…plus all the room associated with it. and these places don’t exist in war zones, so he’s the first one to never be bothered with actually visiting the troops he claims to support…ever. if he won’t visit the live ones he makes such a stink over when football players kneel, why would he visit the dead ones that won’t even know he was there? and in the rain no less? i’ve never worn fur, but i’m sure whatever orange animal “donated” it’s pelt so his scalp need not never see the light of day isn’t really water-proof, so i get why he skipped.

oh, but the slamming of the kneeling football players wasn’t JUST about disrespecting the troops he can’t be bothered to visit, it’s also about disrespecting the flag he can’t remember…

and the anthem he can’t recall…

our patriotic leader, ladies and gentlemen!

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