they ain’t bullshitting

i have a lot of republican friends…

…and the majority of them will happily say, “better dead than democrat!”.

nevada folks ain’t bullshitting about that!

you might recall i did a recent bit about an old dell client of mine who had passed away, and sadly did so after he had won the GOP nomination for state assembly. he had run back in 2016 as a libertarian and was defeated, but got the GOP spot for the 2018 election, only to die weeks before the election – but close enough to the election that they couldn’t take him off the ballot.

and subsequently, he won. and unlike a lot of races in this country on election day, this wasn’t some 51% – 49% bullshit:

he stomped his democratic opponent almost two to one. and he was a fucking corpse. a former brothel-owning, glorified pimp of a corpse. you know, there’s stereotypes of guys in his profession smacking women literally…

…i guess now they can do it both politically AND metaphorically as well!

you probably thought you were a DIE hard republican, but not compared to nevada voters!

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