BOOM! goes the dynamite…i mean brick

so, saturday coulda been better…

…the shop was kinda slow, and we closed out with an annoying kid trying to (literally) start a fight with me. then, on the trip home, i scored fifty bucks on a five dollar scratch off.

so i thought things were turning around.

i was in the middle of nowhere when i saw it – it was a bit smaller than a brick, but taller, closing fast, and right in front of a concrete place so i was pretty sure that was what it was. three problems in the ordered they appeared as i was going seventy miles an hour in the dark at 1am saturday morning:

1. where it was there was no shoulder to the left (i was in the left lane) due to construction
2. a quick blind spot check to the right revealed a large dodge dually beside me
3. it was almost up on me at this point

so i went as far left as i could knowing there was no way i could avoid hitting it, but hoping to avoid raking it up under the car and hopefully clipping it with my right front tire. why that one? because my car ships with NO jack and NO spare due to it having run flat tires from the factory. the problem is i plan on replacing the rims in the next few months so i don’t wanna spring for new tires only to have them get tossed so i go to used tire places where run flats are rare. i had one on that tire, but not on the other three so if there was a wheel that could take the hit, that was the one…


the tire pressure light on the right front tire instantly went on and a warning filled the control screen of the car. i shot under the toll road and stopped under a street light on the other side. it looked worse in the dark with the weight of the car partially on it, but with no weight on it you could still tell this wasn’t getting patched or anything:

but $55 later ($50 for the tire, $5 tip) i was back on the road and it gave me an excuse for a couple topless days driving mr. grey in nice weather so all’s well that ends well(ish), i suppose.

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